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Local Guide : Google Maps - Whats actually it is??

Google maps is very useful for everyone. Specially those who drives and want to know the perfect and shortest route to reach the destination. But, in this big world, who will manages so many places, shops, roads, monuments and other places? For that Google made it simple by allowing people of the world to modify or add missing or new places on Google maps. This not only improves the map but also helps other people who searches that missing place on google maps.

But, if everyone can add a new place, then anyone can also provide wrong place marker on the map with wrong information!! So, for that only whenever you add a place or make any changes, Google will ask people nearby by to check weather the information is correct or not and in case of a new place, if other people are also adding the same then it will be published & everyone whoever added that place will earn points few points. The information of that place will be added from the person who has greater reviews, helpful likes & level. This is how a person becomes a Google Local Guider.

After becoming a Local guider, you can continue improving Google maps by providing correct information and adding photos wherever you visit. You can goahead and take a look at your nearby places and update all information with few photos which will give you a couple of points more.

Now what is the word level means in Local Guider?

Level means, you will get new features and facilities unlocked once you reach. Level details are mentioned below :

Level 1: 0+ points
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Join Google-hosted workshops and Hangouts
In select countries, enter into exclusive contests for Local Guides
Join the conversation at Local Guides Connect

Level 2: 5+ points
Get early access to new Google products and features
Promote your own meet-ups on the Local Guides calendar

Level 3: 50+ points
Get noticed with your Local Guides badge in Google Maps
Be eligible to receive promotion of unofficial communities

Level 4: 200+ points
Be eligible to be featured on Google official online channels: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and more

Level 5: 500+ points
Eligible for Trusted Testing opportunities — access Google products and features before they are made public
Apply to attend Google Local Guides Level 5 summit

After unlocking each level, you will receive certain points. After level 5, it will continue increasing with points.

But, please don't update with wrong information and don't move place markers to wrong positions. This will not help a person anyway, and the trust to google maps will break.