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Indian Mobile No. Portability & Ownership Change : Things You Must know

  • If you are on prepaid, you can port to another operator with same no. But the balance of any kind in your old no. will be lost.
  • If you are in prepaid and want to change ownership, you have to first go to postpaid, use for 3 months then come back to prepaid.
  • If you are in prepaid and want to port to other operator's prepaid as well as change ownership, then you need to migrate to current operator's postpaid, change ownership, use for 3 months and port to other operator's prepaid. 
  • If you are in postpaid and want to port to same operator's prepaid, you have to pay unbilled amount and pro data amount. Unbilled amount contains extra usage amount and pro data is dividing your rental plan charge by 30 days and then multiplying it by the no.of days after current month's bill cycle started and porting range pro data charges. Then after 3-4 days you will be notified in alternate no. about successful porting.
  • If are in postpaid and want to migrate to same operator's prepaid with ownership change, then you need to first change current postpaid plan to new plan where you will get the ownership change facility. Then you can migrate to prepaid.  
Dated : 8 Dec, 2017