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Top Whatsapp Privacy & Settings : Recommended

Under Privacy Section :
Last Seen to no body
Profile Photo : My Contacts
About to my contacts or no body
Status to only share with - Selected people

Under Security Section :
Show security notifications

Under Two Step Verification :
Enter 6 digit pin
Enter it again to verify
Enter your email if you forget
Reenter to verify

Now whenever you try to login from a new device, after entering OTP, you have to enter the pin to conitnue.

Under Notifications : Message
Disable conversation tones
Vibrate to short
popup to No popup

Under Notifications : Group
Tone : Silent
Vibrate : off
Popup : DIsable
Light : Off

Under notifications : Call
Vibrate : Short

Under Data Usage :
When using mobile data : No media, uncheck all from getting autodownloaded
When connected to WiFi : No media
When roaming : No media
Call settings : Low data usage (Optional)

Under contacts section :
Enable Show all contacts

From list of contacts :
Disable all unwanted contacts, like an electrician or may be a service center. This is because, if your no. is save with that unwanted person, then he/she can see your profile photo as its set to my contacts.