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Airtel - World's Top Fraud Company

Airtel without taking customers permission and without notifying them, they made payments bank on their airtel no. while E-KYC verification at airtel stores. Now complained came from 23 Lakh Indian Frustrated Airtel Users, that 70 Crores INR transaction has been made for LPG subsidy in airtel payments bank without their permission. Supreme Court temporarily banned airtel from E-KYC process. That means using E-KYC you cannot link your aadhaar no. to your airtel no., you cannot take any new airtel sim, also no payments bank opening verification.

UIDAI, the aadhaar management of India will not conduct an audit where they will check for all linked no. of airtel and their payments bank. After the audit, UIDAI will announce their final decision for Bharti Airtel. Any violations, a penalty of 1 Lakh INR per day will be the punishment.

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Airtel - India's Slowest Network

Airtel is now becoming India's slowest network. They are not providing internet speed properly & also not providing services like a pro. On, 18th of September, 2017 Sayan complained to airtel customer care (198) regarding slow internet speed. The executive asked him to wait for 48 to 72 hrs, and the internet speed will be increased. Meanwhile he was receiving 400 KBps (approx) in 4G, where as a 4G internet connection means the transfer rate must be atleast 21 Mbps. After 4 days after complain, he called 198 again, but got the same message to wait for 48 to 72 hours. Contacted again and again and again, but same messages he received from the executives. Later on 1st November, 2017, he called up again as usual, but the executive frankly told Sayan, to port to other operator. Yes, you read the right thing. He still trusted Airtel and continued with the connection and called again and again. Sayan was using 776 INR plan [649 INR (unlimited calls, 100 sms/month, 7GB Slow speed 4G internet, internal taxes, useless excuses charges, etc)+ 18% GST]. Indian service no. call charges + over SMS charges extra.

On, 26th Nov, 2017, Sayan finaly decided to change the no. from airtel to JIO (not so good, but much better and genuine than airtel). The executive was a woman. He asked her regarding porting to other operator, but she told some offers. He will be receiving 30 GB instead of 7 GB [per month in the same plan per month. Sayan replied, "I will be checking for today. if the internet speed, I will stay in airtel, else will shift to other operator". So she told that the same will be activated within a half hour.

But, after an hour past, Sayan went out and tried to connect to airtel internet, but was not connecting. Complained regarding this the same day at 9:30 PM. The executive don't know anything.

Executive - He first told that a complain is already registered regarding this and will be fixed in 48 hours (Same old excuse).
Executive - Then he told you don't have data.
Sayan - but data pack was there. around 1.4 GB, and the same is still available.
Executive - Then your new plan is not yet activated. He took a complain and mentioned the same excuse.

Around 2 AM, Sayan again contacted 198 for the same, but received the same excuses, with full of anger.

Contacted on 27th Nov, 2017, and received the same excuse. Even when Sayan again asked to port to another no., executive replied," you have to pay the full bill in pro data basis including current usage". But why? Why I will pay the bills all the time? You are not providing the proper service and now you are asking to pay the bill? Shameless. And why will I pay the usage of 26th Nov, the whole day the internet was not working!!

Airtel, if you can't provide a service properly, then please stop it. But, at least don't harass people of India with these fake excuses. Airtel is now India's slowest network. They are cheaters and No. 1 fraud company. Simply leave India, its my request.

Complain No.s :
Slow Internet Speed Complain : 79587350 - 18th Sep, 2017
Internet is not getting connected and plan upgrade freezed complain : 81425097 - 26th Nov, 2017

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Don't divert calls to Jio from airtel

If you activate call diverting/forwarding on your airtel no. to your JIO no. it will get activated. But when someone calls you on your airtel no. from a JIO no., the person will hear with this message,"This number is not valid, please check the number you have dialed".

Why airtel?

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JIO case on AirTel on fake TV ads

Since the last couple of months, airtel is advertising on television and youtube that its the fastest 4G network in India. But before that last year TRAI already mentioned and announced that JIO is the fastest 4G network till today. But airtel did is, airtel tested the speed in ookla speedtest which was actually got tested with JIO network. The carrier name shown airtel instead of JIO, may be a bug, which airtel thought that their airtel is the fastest 4G network.
Here is the letter JIO filed on airtel to ASCI

Yesterday i.e. 20th March, 2017, JIO filed a complaint on airtel to ASCI [Advertising standards council of India] about this airtel ad.
ASCI is an advertising industry which was founded on 1985 at Mumbai.

Hope airtel understands this if they have some shame. Airtel Cheaters. Airtel, The slowest 4G network ever.

Dated : 17th Dec, 2017