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Link Aadhaar to Mobile from your home

Published On - 4th Jan, 2018, Updated On - 22nd Mar, 2018

Now link your aadhaar to your mobile no. at your home without visiting any operator store. Make sure your aadhaar card has your mobile no. registered to continue linking, else visit a nearby aadhaar portal and register your mobile no. to your aadhaar no. to continue the mobile link and verification. If your aadhaar card belongs to different state than of your mobile no., don't proceed with this linking and visit your operator store first.

Steps :
  1. Take your aadhaar card handy
  2. Keep your aadhaar registered mobile no. active in front of you
  3. Call 14546 (tollfree) no. from your mobile no. you want to link
  4. Listen to the information carefully
  5. If you are an Indian, press 1, else 2
  6. Keep listening to the instructions
  7. Enter your 12 digit aadhaar card no.
  8. Press 1 to confirm
  9. Then you will be asked to enter the otp you received from UIDAI in your registered aadhaar mobile no.
  10. You will received an SMS from your operator stating that the process for verification has been initiated. It will be verified within 24 to 48 hours with confirmation.

Note : Airtel users need to press 1 after step 6 to confirm the terms and conditions.

Last Linking Date : Yet to announce, Previous final date was 31st March, 2018