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Published on : 23rd January, 2018
Can this contact freeze your partners whatsapp converstion??

First of let me make you very clear that I am not responsible if anything goes wrong with you or your partners phone

If someone is disturbing you, making fun of you and you want to take revenge then this will not work. But if someone is making fun of you in a whatsapp group conversation or if someone is texting you in whatsapp and you don't want to talk to him/her, then its for you.
This 80580 characters of contact file will freeze your partners conversation with you or group conversation.

How it freezes up with a contact file :
This .vcf contact file contacts more than 80580 characters as mentioned earlier, which are saved as middle name, not first, nor last name.

How to do :
First of all download the contact file from here named as
Don't save it in your google account or in your contacts account. Just share or forward the contact file directly from your downloads section to your partner or group. 
It will freeze your phone for some time, but when it shows up, just delete the file from your chats section. It will respond late but will surely fix your freezing problem. 
BOOOM, you just freezed the whole group or the conversation with your partner.

How to fix :
  • First method :
Same, just delete the file from the chats section, it will respond to you very late, but will definitely fix it.
  • Second method :
Delete the entire chat without opening the conversation. 

Some Proofs :



#4 [Group]

This contact file will damage your android phone's contacts and dialer


  • Download the contact file from here
Are you very angry on someone, want to destroy something of that person ? Welcome, welcome, read this guide and do take revenge from your enemy.
In the last post, I guided how to freeze someone's whatsapp conversation screen or some group, now here I will guide you, how to crash someone contact's app, its database and dialer, so that they can't open contacts list or call anyone. No matter how many times they restarts their phone, until and unless they clear and format their contacts database, they can't get back their calling function and contacts store back in live.
This contact file contents 334515 characters in the middle name which crashes your contact's app as well as the dialer. (Dialer crashes on very few devices, I tested this on marshmallow and nougat, and it crashed both contact and dialer)

How to do :
  1. First of all, download the contact file.vcf from here.
  2. Don't open the contact file, just open your whatsapp or facebook and send the contact file to your enemy.
  3. Simply tell them that this is your new contact no. with your own customized name. [Like my name is NoobCool 😜😜]
  4. Now as soon as he/she opens the contact file or clicks on the contact file you just sent, the contact app will open up with a black background [May be white on some devices].
  5. Thats it, you have successfully crashed the contacting system of the person's device.
How to fix :

Well, this will definitely delete all the contacts if they are saved in the device, instead of google account. What you have to do is, head over to

1. Device settings > application manager > go to system apps > contacts storage [In some devices, its named as contacts database]

2. Force stop > clear data > restart

3. Done



MacOS Sierra on Windows PC - Project HackMaC

Since a couple of years we heard about the word "Hackintosh". This term means using mac os in any windows PC. But only 15-20% users passed this. What about rest? So, after following this guide, you will be successful in using MacOS Sierra in your windows PC. Lets find out...

First of all, we will be doing this project on a virtual machine so that it won't effects your personal files not your pc hardware.

Requirements :
CPU : above 1.5 Ghz
Storage : Any (SSD Recomended)
x64 based Windows OS

Files to download :  (Click on the file name to download)
        [ If it shows download size exceded, then signin to your drive account, right click on the macOS package, click on make a copy, then you will find the same renamed as "copy of Mac OS" in your drive account, now simply right click on it and download the file. This makes google thinks that the file is yours only and uploaded by you.]

Procedure :
1) Extract mac os & tools package.
2) Install VM Ware
3) Open all new tool folder, and decompress patch tool.
4) Open patch tool and run win-install.cmd as administrator.
5) After the process gets finished, Open VM Ware wrkstation player
6) Create new virtual machine > select i will install OS later > select apple mac os x & select version mac os 10.12 > give it a name as " macOS 10.13 Sierra" > select store virtual disk as a single file > Finish.
7) Right click on mac os in vm ware and select settings.
8) Select harddisk and click remove it.
9) Now click on add > select harddisk > SATA > use existing virtual disk > and select the mac os you downloaded moments ago.
10) Now select ram as 4GB. (Min. 2.5GB)
11) Click OK. Now go to documents folder of your windows os, and open virtual machines > mac os > and edit "MacOS 10.12 Sierra.vmx" in notepad.
12) Add the below line at the end of the file opened in notepad > press enter and then save it.
smc.version = "0"
13) Now run the os in the vm ware player
14) After the first startup, go up left and click on player button > removable devices > CD/DVD SATA > settings > select connected and connect at power on, select use iso image file, select browse, select the vm tool.iso file located in the all tool folder you downloaded at the time of downloads.
15) Now install vm ware tools in mac os > it will ask for restart.
16) DONE, you are using MacOS 10.12 Sierra on your mighty windows PC.

What is mAh? What is the relation with battery?
In simple words, mAh means the capacity of energy a battery can store. mAh means milliAmp hour or Ampere hour. Here watt-hour (wh) is the electric energy. 

Watt-Hour = Voltage x Ampere-Hour

This is the formula to measure it. Whenever people go to a shop to buy a any device which runs on a battery or a power bank, they often asks for the battery capacity. The bigger the no., more the battery time.

Suppose you are a boy or a girl, you slept for 8 hrs yesterday night which charged your body. and now your mom asked you to go to the market and bring some potatoes. You will dress up and will run to shop. You will ask the shopkeeper to give 1 Kg potatoes. Returning home with that heavy bag of potatoes. Then, you will take rest.
the 8 hrs sleep = you phone got charged [2000 mAh]
Dress up = you check out notifications of your phone [10 mAh]
Run to shop = check out your best friends message and replying to it [50 mAh]
1kg potatoes = playing games to check out clash of clans or candy crush live recharge [75 mAh]
Returning home = Cleaning the opened apps by swiping each of them from the recents panel [1 mAh]
Rest = You locked your phone [Saving your battery]

Now out of 2000 mAh of your phone, 136 mAh you lost, means only 1864 mAh is left. This is how your phones mAh gets reduced.
Your phones battery can also gets reduced if you dont clean up junk file and remove apps from recents panel. 

Special Tips to save battery : 

1) Do clean junk files regularly. Use es file explorer to clean junk files.
2) Try to keep less apps. If your phone have root access, then freeze those apps you are not using currently using app freezer. Download it from here.
3) If your phone has a memory card support then do move your files from internal memory to your memory card. Try to keep internal memory free as much as you can. 
4) Don't use any type of ram cleaner, battery saver or any type of antivirus. These apps also eats lots of ram, which reduces the battery life by running till you shut down your device, Android users, please note : your phone is based on linux operating system which doesn't get infected from any kind of virus. To check for viruses in your sd card, you can eject it and scan it through your PC antivirus application. 
Good Bye Free Jio !!

Welcome to Paid Jio Services

Whats next?

1) More no.of towers, strong signal coverage everywhere.
2) No more happy hours.
3) You can still use your Jio internet, after you consume daily FUP (Fair Usage Policy), but at 2G speed of 20-50 kbps.
4) No more call drops.
5) 100 sms per day limit.
6) Unlimited video calls (No data will be charged).
7) If you try to recharge with 99 INR on or after april 1, 2017, the transaction may fail or you may loose your money.

For any queries regarding anything, do email me at
I will try to reply by the next day

Real hacking look

Want to get some hacking look in your PC or macbook? Want to shoot a short movie or video which should have some hacking going on? YES, you can do this without any editing now

This is first of all totally free and requires a internet connection to load a website (Internet is only required to load the site). The site is

Instructions :

1) Open the site.
2) Now press F11 to switch to full screen.
3) Type anything on your keyboard randomly & make sure you type faster, so that you look like a professional hacker.

 If you want to get ACCESS GRANTED popup, press & hold the left ALT button.

 If you want to get ACCESS DENIED popup, press & hold the CAPS LOCK button.

What is %20 in google search URL?

In ASCII values, %20 refers to a space between 2 words. Suppose you searched," Hey google, whats the weather today?". Here there are 5 speces means the link will be like:
Now google has upgraded there url system and replaced %20 with +. Still many search engines still uses this feature.

Android booting to recovery every time I power on. What to do?

If your android phone is booting to recovery everytime you power on then you have messed up with the OS. Some how your phones firmware has been deleted or got corrupted.

Solutions :
1) Flash stock firmware
2) Flash recovery
3) Flash Custom OS

Yet not fixed?

Format /Data + Format /System + Full Format
And then try to flash stock firmware

For any queries email at


Well, everyone loves shopping, But, what if you don't know about a shop, its location, timings or contact details? May be you want some cash from ATM machine but don't know where one is? You need any? Go for Nearby Sodepur. An app exclusively made for people of Sodepur. This app contains shops in different categories. The shop details are updated continuously to keep you up to date. (All shops doesn't have contact details).

To install this app click the Download button below and install it. 

Mirror 1 - Mega
Mirror 2 - OneDrive

Tip : Unknown sources must be enabled to install an application in an android device. 

Steps for Installation :
  1. Download Nearby Sodepur from here.
  2. Click on the application that just got downloaded and install Nearby Sodepur.
Using the application :
  • Click on Open to launch the application.
  • Read the welcome note and click Ok. (You must need to click ok to accept the application and start using it. [OK SEAL OF PROVE]
  • Now click on the category of the shop you want to search.
  • A map will be opened with some blue location pointers. Those pointers are shop locations.
  • For the list of all the shops click on the category name below.
         To view a particular shop from the map, click on the pointer and then click on the name below. 

Note : Refer to the HD screenshots for details.

Categories : 
  1. Xerox Shops
  2. Medical Stores
  3. Mobile & Computer Shops
  4. Electronic Stores
  5. Groceries Stores
  6. Fashion & Accessories
  7. ATM Machines
  8. Recharge & Bill Payments
  9. Bengali Sweet Shops
  10. Restaurant & Fast Food Centers
  11. Books & Accessories
  12. Electronic Repair Shops
  13. Internet Cafes & WiFi Zones
For any complains or to add your shop : email us at

Ads Free + Background Playback - YouTube Edition
Published On : 24th November, 2017

Everyone gets harassed when someone watches a video on YouTube but shows up ads, either 5 seconds skip able ad or 30 seconds non skip-able ads. Also while in a video, ads automatically gets played after almost every 5 minutes, specially in long videos.

People will also love YouTube more if there is a background playback option available, so that you can listen to your favorite musics while working on some other apps or when your screen is off.

No more waiting, Sayan made it easy for you. Yes yes, I know background playback is available for rooted android devices with xposed framework, but this will work in non rooted phones.

Features :
  • Default Resolution for both WiFi and mobile data
  • Background playback and screen off playback
  • Download YouTube videos in any resolution
  • Download YouTube musics in mp3
  • Ads removed
  • Default homepage setting
  • Popup playback
  • Swipe left right to move forward or backward
  • Swipe from left to up to increase brightness
  • Swipe from right to up to increase volume

Install Now
Versions Details : 

YouTube Edition : All features including signin to google, adfree playback and background playback

YouTube Edition X : Only Adfree & background playback (No Google Signin facility)

Important Notes :
  1. If you have YouTube installed, you need to uninstall it. 
  2. If YouTube is Pre-installed app and can't able to uninstall, then you need to install YouTube Edition X or you need to root your phone & then you can uninstall system based YouTube app to install YouTube Edition. 
  3. YouTube Edition X will not be able to connect to your google account. Hence you will not get any notifications from your subscribed channels. But you can continue using YouTube Edition X to watch YouTube videos adfree and in background playback. 
Step for installation :
  1. Download YouTube Edition / X from below download panel. 
  2. Install YouTube Edition / X.
  3. Install microG for OGYT.
  4. Now Open YouTube Edition and signin with your google account. (For YouTube Edition users only. X users will not able to signin to google account)
  5. Give required permissions like drawing over other apps, Storage, contacts. You may come with a popup asking for allowing permissions, just click OK. 
Special Settings :

Click on 3 dots menu and click settings
Click Special Settings
  • Set default playback pixel, like 720p always for every video or as you wish from the list (upto 2k)
  • Enable swipe to seek
  • Enable Swipe up from left to adjust brightness
  • Enable Swipe up from right to adjust volume
  • Enable Screen off playback
  • Enable background playback when home button pressed
YouTube Edition Download : ( For users who can uninstall original YouTube or doesn't have original YouTube preinstalled)
  1. Download YouTube Edition : Special mod by Sayan Saha
  2. Download Google Connection Linking
YouTube Edition X Download : ( For users who cannot uninstall original YouTube)
  1. Download YouTube Edition X : Special mod by Sayan Saha
  2. Download Google Connection Linking
How to use :

Background playback, Download Video & PopUp Playback / Picture in Picture mode

Important Notes for YouTube Edition X users :

Disable original YouTube from application management

Tested On : (Successfully Worked)

Android 4.1.2
Android 4.4.2
Android 4.4.4
Android 5.0.1
Android 5.1
Android 6.0.1
Android 7.0
Android 7.1.1

Bugs :
  • Force stops on clicking the notifications in the phones notification panel came from a channel in YouTube Edition and Edition X when you are not using it. 
  • Cannot sign in to google and cannot access to YouTube channel on YouTube Edition X. Works fine on YouTube Edition.