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Introducing Facebook Edition - Colorful + Built in messenger + ads free

DISCONTINUED | Published On - 11th January, 2018
After YouTube Edition got released last year, and became fan of it, now its time for another project under Edition series. Facebook Edition for android. FE is working on the base of official version, 18 versions behind. Official latest version is released on 15th Dec, 2017 as of 5th Jan, 2018. TSB started a testers season for Facebook Edition and found this app okay and safe for public use with very minor bugs.

Note : You need to uninstall Facebook app before installing Facebook Edition. If its a system based app, you need to get root access to uninstall.

Features :
Ad free video playback
Built In Messenger
Eats Less RAM
Less battery drainage

Facebook Edition is available in many colors. Download from below. Size : 50 MB

Black : Download
Orange : Download
Green : Download
Red : Download
Pink (Exclusively for Girls) : Download

If you want to switch to another UI color, just install over installed Facebook Edition. No need to uninstall. Your Facebook data will be safe.

Bugs :
Messenger Back button force stops
Messenger GIF doesn't works
Messenger Payments doesn't works
Messenger Like button get doubled when used

Version Details :
Facebook Edition Version : 2 Built 11
Facebook Messenger Version : 2 Built 11
Built Status : Unstable (Usable)
Version Status : First Official Release / Discontinued on 7th January, 2019
Version Size : 50 MB (approx)
Facebook Base Version :