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UPDATE - Secure Charging for android v2


We all want our favorite android devices to be safe with us every time. Specially at the moment when your phone is charging outside at a public place. At that time, we keeps looking our device or wait beside the charging point, which results the paining. A tension of stealing keeps in our mind, of legs. But now Yes, its possible, with my Security Charging for android devices app, you can easily secure your phone while its getting charged up.
     Suppose, you are at railway station, and suddenly your phones battery gets dead, and you have to travel a long distance. Now, you have a charger with you. You started charging your phone and turned on secure charging and also your screen is locked with some security. Now without any tension, you can seat at a distance, and you can see your phone also where its charging. Now, unfortunately, some one came near your phone, and removes/disconnects the charger from the phone or from the wall socket, and takes your device with him.
Now, the actual time comes, when the thief disconnects the charger or turns off the charger or disconnects the usb cable, then in the very next nano second, your phones starts ringing emergency alarm at the full sound, the thief cannot even mute the sound or turns down the volume. You ran to your phone caught that thief and went to police station.
:) Your phone is now with you safely. This incidents i see daily at public places, especially at railway stations. The emergency Alarm is the police car or ambulance sounds, so that public's minds gets there attention towards that alarm and hence the thief cannot run anywhere.
SECURE CHARGING v2 - 1st November, 2016.
Whats New :
Colours Updated, Increased Sound, Fonts Updated, Device Locked Popup when someone disconnects the charger while secure charging is in use, Detailed theft status, Smooth

Video Instructions of how to use :

Installation Procedure :
STEP 1 - Download & Install it from the above download

STEP 2 - Click Open after installation gets completed

STEP 3 - Read the instructions shown in the first run popup

STEP 4 - Press ARM button to start secure charging

STEP 5 - Connect your charger and keep the app open in background

Dont kill the app or remove it from recent items, then secure charging may stop working