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After 500 & 1000, UDIO ads are out by RBL bank... what actually it is..!! [EXPALINED]

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UDIO.. what is it ??
RBL Bank's UDIO is an online digital VISA debit card which is totally free of cost. This card can be used at any online stores as well as offline stores. The digital card VISA 16 digit number you will get in the app only with all CSV and expiry date. And also you can order this card for Rs. 49/- and after you receive your card at your door step, you will get your paid Rs. 49/- in your UDIO VISA Debit Card. Means this card is totally free.

No need to visit any bank to deposit cash to your UDIO account. Then what to do..??
UDIO works just like other

online payment apps like paytm, mobikwik etc. There are a lots of apps. Here in UDIO you have to add your money from your default bank account, say you have a RUPAY card which can only be used in India and a few merchants accepts Rupay debit cards. Now here in the same procedure you to add your required money to your UDIO account from their app. Then that money will be transferred to your UDIO VISA card. And hence you can do any online payments.
But unfortunately this card only supports in India only and is controlled fully by RBL Bank

What else can be done from UDIO app..??
UDIO app provides everything which are needed in our daily life. It supports recharging mobiles, dth, data card bills, electricity bills, payments, and also you can request or send money to your friend. And if you want you can send the money to your bank account.