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[JIO] How easy now taking a JIO connection..??

When JIO was first announced in India, people were just busy to tale a JIO sim card for their 4G device. It used to take a day or two, to get a JIO sim. After a few months of the announcement, that is the preview offer, activation procession took more than 7 days. By the end of august users kept their patience for 1 month and above to get their sim activated. But, yet those sims are not activated. Actually, many codes of JIO were hacked from their server, as a result, peoples codes shows redeemed stamped as soon as they generate which took down this hugh rush of JIO, and that code is for single use only. Which results in non activation of JIO sims. Many JIO providers stopped giving JIO sims. On, September 5, when Mukesh Ambani lauched JIO officially and its preview offer and told that it is now available to all 4G users in India, the rush again began. And this it was 2xRush.

Havn't got JIO yet..?? Don't worry, now you will get it

 Now after Durga Puja, every JIO providers like Reliance Digital, Digital Express Mini, JIO Center, all are using eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) method. eKYC means, you have to just take your bar code you generated (no matter if it shows redeemed) and your aadhaar card, nothing else no photo or xerox copy of your aadhaar card. 
1) Go to nearby JIO providers 
2) Show them your bar code and aadhaar card, if your bar code shows redeemed, then they will provide one for you.
3) They will fill out a form online in front of you and will verify your aadhaar document by taking your fingerprint twice (once at the starting time and one at the end). 
4) You will get the Sim which will be activated in a couple of minutes.