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BoAt Airdopes 511v2 - 1 Month Honest Review

Published On: 27 June, 2021

Recently, I got the all new Boat Airdopes 511 v2 after using Boat Rockerz 255 for the past 3 years. It was a great headphone but unfortunately one of them stopped working, so I made the decision to switch to tru wireless earbuds. Honestly speaking, I am not a big fan of these wireless and had a tension of loosing one of them. But took the risk to get one of these. I went up on amazon and purchased one. The design looks prety unique and modern and I always get things that are unique. So here is my honest review from a technical guy liek me.

1) Design:

Honestly writing, the deisgn is very unqiue and modern compared to other popup style boxy ear phones. It looks premium in the matte black color but also comes with a prussian blue color which looks good, but I liked the black more. The lid has a boat logo in gold embed in the lid with a premium glossy smooth finish on it. Opening an closing the lid is pretty fun and I think is much better than those popup style lids because you can use your thumb to slide open the lid where as in popup boxes you have to use your nail to open which gives marks of scratches over time. The ear buds are pretty small enough and stylist with gold coloured rings. I went with these becuase there is this tail in each ear buds which helps you to hold it perfectly, while putting in or out of the ear. This tail also helps in keeping in the charging station and taking out from it where as in non tail variants you have to hold the whole ear bud which apparently slips off your fingers.

2) Features:
Boat is famous for 'Bass'. And yes that is the only truth behind the fast rise of the company in India. Young generation now loves bass and this also doesn't effects the ears in long term use. These pair of earbuds have quite a lot awesome features like you can use anyone at a time just like car headset. Each of the ear buds has its own bluetooth conectivity with the phone so that which ever size of earbbud you wish to use, you can connect to your phone. The lights on the earbuds are pretty premium and matte finish, looks good when weariing the ear buds. It also comes with HQ AAC on supported bluetooth devices which boosts the audio quality. Each of the ear buds has 2 number of microphones which provides crystal clear audio. Also, you can use the mechanical buttons in each of the earbuds to interact with your music, call and assistant. The best thing is, if you wish to take them out without the charging station, you can use the mechanical buttons to turn on and off both the earbuds without even keeping them back in the charging station.

3) Hardware: The boat airdopes 511v2 comes with a upside down micro usb charging socket instead of usb type c which is a big downside in this price range. Though it charges rapidly but who uses micro usb now a days. The ear buds automatically turns on when taken out of the charging station and turns off and starts charging when kept back. There are a pair of gold contact points in each of the ear buds which connects to the charging stations and charges rapidly. The latency is about half a second but doesn't makes an issue while listening to music or talking to someone. When playing games, you will feel the latency delay but again good enough in the price range. Also, 

4) Battery: I use the pair for atleast 1.5 continuous hours to play games and believe me, I keep them back in the charging station, again use for another 1 hour and again keep them back and lastly when I start charging the station, it was still above 75%. So, if you think of a headphone or earbuds with all day use, you can go for this.

5) Connectivity: The first time you setup with your phone, you have to pair it manually. But the next time you take out the earbuds from the charging station, it will be automatically connected to your phone (Bluetooth must be on) in 5 to 7 seconds. You don't even have to turn on the earbuds nor you have to manually click on your bluetooth list. The bluetooth 5.0 technology will do all that for you.

Final review and rating:  The Boat Airdopes 511 v2 is no doubt a great pair of earbuds considering so many features. The only downside is its micro usb charging port instead of type C for which I am rating this product

4.5 / 5 Stars