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Check your Windows OS - Genuine or Not

Are you using a genuine windows? hmm? Yes? Why so much of confusion when you have this easy solution to check weather your copy of Windows 10 is genuine or not. Follow the below steps to know if your copy of windows is genuine or a pirated copy/activated using activator.

1) Turn on your PC and login to your account.
2) Now type cmd in the start menu and press enter.
3) A black box with your username on it will open.
4) Simply type slmgr.vbs /dli and press enter.
5) In a couple of seconds a window will popup showing some information.
6) If this window appears mentioning partial product key and only the license status and nothing else, then you are using a microsoft's original Windows.
7) If it shows some kind of expiry time and activation type as kms or something else, then you are using a pirated copy of windows or is activated using a activator and not with a microsoft's genuine product key.

I would suggest you to switch to an original windows as soon as possible as a pirated copy of windows is not at all safe to use and there after privacy is the most important role for everyone in todays world.