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List of all 273 Samsung Devices with Resolutions

Device GroupResolution(s)
Galaxy Camera 2 Wi-Fi1280x720
Galaxy Camera Wi-Fi1280x720
Galaxy ACE(M240S)320x480
Galaxy Fame320x480
Galaxy Gio(M290K)320x480
Galaxy Gio(M290S)320x480
Galaxy Young320x480
Galaxy Young 2320x480
Galaxy Chat240x320
Galaxy Music240x320
Galaxy Pocket 2240x320
Galaxy Pocket Neo240x320
Galaxy Star240x320
Galaxy A5 (2016)1080x1920
Galaxy A5 (2017)1080x1920
Galaxy A6 Plus (A9 Star Lite)1440x2560
Galaxy A71080x1920
Galaxy A7 (2016)1080x1920
Galaxy A7 (2017)1080x1920
Galaxy A81080x1920
Galaxy A8 (2016)1080x1920
Galaxy A8 (2018)1080x1920
Galaxy A8 Plus (2018)1080x1920
Galaxy A8 Star (A9 Star)1080x1920
Galaxy A9 (2016)1080x1920
Galaxy A9 Pro1080x1920
Galaxy C10 Plus1080x1920
Galaxy C51080x1920
Galaxy C5 Pro1080x1920
Galaxy C71080x1920
Galaxy C7 Pro1080x1920
Galaxy C9 Pro1080x1920
Galaxy J1080x1920
Galaxy J7 (2016)1080x1920
Galaxy J7 (2017)1080x1920
Galaxy J7 Max1080x1920
Galaxy J7 Plus (Galaxy C8)1080x1920
Galaxy Note 31080x1920
Galaxy Note 41440x2560
Galaxy Note 51440x2560
Galaxy Note 71440x2560
Galaxy Note 81440x2560
Galaxy Note Edge1440x2560
Galaxy Note Fan Edition1440x2560
Galaxy On7 (2016)1080x1920
Galaxy Round1080x1920
Galaxy S Light Luxury1080x1920
Galaxy S41080x1920
Galaxy S4 Active1080x1920
Galaxy S51080x1920
Galaxy S5 Active1080x1920
Galaxy S5 Neo1080x1920
Galaxy S5 Sport1080x1920
Galaxy S5 Broadband LTE-A1440x2560
Galaxy S61440x2560
Galaxy S6 Active1440x2560
Galaxy S6 Edge1440x2560
Galaxy S6 Edge plus1440x2560
Galaxy S71440x2560
Galaxy S7 Active1440x2560
Galaxy S7 Edge1440x2560
Galaxy S81440x2560
Galaxy S8 Active1440x2560
Galaxy S8 Plus1440x2560
Galaxy S91440x2560
Galaxy S9 Plus1440x2560
Heart of the World W20171080x1920
Leading Flagship 81080x1920
Galaxy A(M100S)480x800
Galaxy A3960x540
Galaxy A3 (2016)1280x720
Galaxy A3 (2017)1280x720
Galaxy A51280x720
Galaxy A61280x720
Galaxy Ace 2480x800
Galaxy Ace 3480x800
Galaxy Ace 4 LTE480x800
Galaxy Ace Style480x800
Galaxy Alpha1280x720
Galaxy Amp480x800
Galaxy Beam (8520)480x800
Galaxy Beam (8530)480x800
Galaxy Beam 2_CMCC480x800
Galaxy Camera1280x720
Galaxy Core480x800
Galaxy Core 2480x800
Galaxy Core 4G_CMCC480x800
Galaxy Core Lite 4G480x800
Galaxy Core LTE960x540
Galaxy Core Max960x540
Galaxy Core Mini 4G_CMCC480x800
Galaxy Core Plus480x800
Galaxy Core Prime480x800
Galaxy E51280x720
Galaxy E71280x720
Galaxy Express480x800
Galaxy Express 2960x540
Galaxy Feel480x800
Galaxy Folder480x800
Galaxy Golden480x800
Galaxy Grand480x800
Galaxy Grand 21280x720
Galaxy Grand Max1280x720
Galaxy Grand Neo480x800
Galaxy Grand Prime960x540
Galaxy Grand Prime Plus960x540
Galaxy Grand_CN480x800
Galaxy Infinite480x800
Galaxy J1480x800
Galaxy J1 (2016)480x800
Galaxy J1 Ace480x800
Galaxy J1 Mini480x800
Galaxy J2960x540
Galaxy J2 (2016)1280x720
Galaxy J2 (2018)960x540
Galaxy J2 Core960x540
Galaxy J3 (2016)1280x720
Galaxy J3 (2017)1280x720
Galaxy J3 Pop1280x720
Galaxy J3 Pro1280x720
Galaxy J3 Top1280x720
Galaxy J41280x720
Galaxy J51280x720
Galaxy J5 (2016)1280x720
Galaxy J5 (2017)1280x720
Galaxy J61280x720
Galaxy J71280x720
Galaxy J7 Duo1280x720
Galaxy J7 Neo21280x720
Galaxy J7 Pop1280x720
Galaxy J81280x720
Galaxy K Zoom (Zoom 2)1280x720
Galaxy K(M130K)_KOR_KT_SIS480x800
Galaxy M style480x800
Galaxy Mega (5.8)960x540
Galaxy Mega (6.3)1280x720
Galaxy Mega 21280x720
Galaxy Neo(M220L)480x800
Galaxy Note1280x800
Galaxy Note 3 Neo1280x720
Galaxy Note II1280x720
Galaxy NX1280x720
Galaxy On51280x720
Galaxy On5 (2016)1280x720
Galaxy On71280x720
Galaxy Premier1280x720
Galaxy R Style960x540
Galaxy Reverb480x800
Galaxy Rugby LTE480x800
Galaxy Rush 2480x800
Galaxy S Advance480x800
Galaxy S DUOS480x800
Galaxy S Duos 2480x800
Galaxy S Hoppin(M190S)480x800
Galaxy S II480x800
Galaxy S II HD LTE1280x720
Galaxy S II LTE480x800
Galaxy S II Plus480x800
Galaxy S III1280x720
Galaxy S III Mini480x800
Galaxy S(M110S)480x800
Galaxy S4 mini960x540
Galaxy S4 zoom960x540
Galaxy S5 Mini1280x720
Galaxy Star 2 Plus480x800
Galaxy Star Pro480x800
Galaxy Tab Q1280x720
Galaxy Trend480x800
Galaxy Trend 3480x800
Galaxy Trend II480x800
Galaxy U(M130L)480x800
Galaxy Victory480x800
GALAXY W1280x720
Galaxy Win480x800
Galaxy Win_CN480x800
Galaxy Xcover 2480x800
Galaxy Xcover 3480x800
Galaxy Xcover 41280x720
Galaxy Daxie II CN480x800
Heart of the world W20151280x800
Heart of the world W20161280x800
Heart of the world CN480x800
Leading Flagship480x800
Leading Flagship 31280x800
Galaxy 070480x800
Galaxy Player 5.8960x540
Galaxy Tab A (8.0)1024x768
Galaxy Tab A (9.7)1024x768
Galaxy Tab A Wi-Fi (8.0)1024x768
Galaxy Tab A Wi-Fi (9.7)1024x768
Galaxy Tab S2 (8.0)1536x2048
Galaxy Tab S2 (9.7)1536x2048
Galaxy Tab S2 Wi-Fi (8.0)1536x2048
Galaxy Tab S2 Wi-Fi (9.7)1536x2048
Galaxy Tab S31536x2048
Galaxy Tab S3 Wi-Fi1536x2048
Galaxy Note 10.1 (2012)1280x800
Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014E)1600x2560
Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014E) LTE1600x2560
Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014E) Wi-Fi1600x2560
Galaxy Note 8.01280x800
Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE1280x800
Galaxy Note Wi-Fi 10.1 (2012)1280x800
Galaxy Note Wi-Fi 8.01280x800
Galaxy NotePro Wi-Fi (12.2)1600x2560
Galaxy Tab 10.11280x800
Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1)1280x800
Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0)1024x600
Galaxy Tab 2 Wi-Fi (10.1)1280x800
Galaxy Tab 2 Wi-Fi (7.0)1024x600
Galaxy Tab 3 (10.1)1280x800
Galaxy Tab 3 (7.0)1024x600
Galaxy Tab 3 (8.0)1280x800
Galaxy Tab 3 Kids1024x600
Galaxy Tab 3 Lite1024x600
Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Wi-Fi1024x600
Galaxy Tab 3 LTE (10.1)1280x800
Galaxy Tab 3 LTE (7.0)1024x600
Galaxy Tab 3 LTE (8.0)1280x800
Galaxy Tab 3 Wi-Fi (10.1)1280x800
Galaxy Tab 3 Wi-Fi (7.0)1024x600
Galaxy Tab 3 Wi-Fi (8.0)1280x800
Galaxy Tab 4 (10.1)1280x800
Galaxy Tab 4 (7.0)1280x800
Galaxy Tab 4 (8.0)1280x800
Galaxy Tab 4 Wi-Fi (10.1)1280x800
Galaxy Tab 4 Wi-Fi (7.0)1280x800
Galaxy Tab 4 Wi-Fi (8.0)1280x800
Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus1024x600
Galaxy Tab 7.71280x800
Galaxy Tab 8.91280x800
Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE1280x800
Galaxy Tab A (10.1)1600x2560
Galaxy Tab A (7.0)1280x800
Galaxy Tab A Lite1280x800
Galaxy Tab A Plus (10.1)1600x2560
Galaxy Tab A Plus Wi-Fi (10.1)1600x2560
Galaxy Tab A Wi-Fi (10.1)1600x2560
Galaxy Tab A Wi-Fi (7.0)1280x800
Galaxy Tab A2 (10.5)1600x2560
Galaxy Tab A2 (8.0)1280x800
Galaxy Tab A2 Wi-Fi (8.0)1280x800
Galaxy Tab Active1280x800
Galaxy Tab Active Wi-Fi1280x800
Galaxy Tab Active21280x800
Galaxy Tab Active2 Wi-Fi1280x800
Galaxy Tab E1280x800
Galaxy Tab E (8.0)1280x800
Galaxy Tab E Wi-Fi1280x800
Galaxy Tab S (10.5)1600x2560
Galaxy Tab S (8.4)1600x2560
Galaxy Tab S Wi-Fi (10.5)1600x2560
Galaxy Tab S Wi-Fi (8.4)1600x2560
Galaxy Tab S41600x2560
Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi 10.11280x800
Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi 7.0 Plus1024x600
Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi 8.91280x800
Galaxy TabPro (10.1)1600x2560
Galaxy TabPro (12.2)1600x2560
Galaxy TabPro (8.4)1600x2560
Galaxy TabPro Wi-Fi (10.1)1600x2560
Galaxy TabPro Wi-Fi (12.2)1600x2560
Galaxy TabPro Wi-Fi (8.4)1600x2560
Galaxy View1080x1920
Galaxy View Wi-Fi1080x1920
Galaxy Tab(M180K)1024x600
Galaxy Tab(M180L)1024x600
Galaxy Tab(M180S)1024x600