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TSB Monthly Announcements - August 2018

Announcement Date : 31st July, 2018 for August 2018 | Published On : 31st July, 2018

1) Nearby Barrackpore & Nearby Dunlop
Introducing Dunlop & Barrackpore under Nearby Series. We received more than 2000 responses for these 2 areas so, we covered both of them and also for the great success of Nearby Sodepur. We have have planned to cover more areas in Kolkata soon. Both Nearby Dunlop & Barrackpore releasing on 21st August, 2018 and will be available for download on TSB Store & Samsung Galaxy App Store. We will also share on our socials so that you become the first one to install the app.

2) Nearby Sodepur v4 Reborn Edition with 10 new areas covered
With the great response from users using Nearby Sodepur, we have updated Nearby Sodepur with some changes and extensions. Fixes like Banks has been added in ATM Outlets as ATM Outlets and Banks in separate parts. Also Hospitals has been added in Medical Stores as Medical Stores & Hospitals. The big part is we have covered more areas in Nearby Sodepur. Areas added are, Dhankal, SwaDesi, Govt. Colony 3, Kachkal, HB Town, Amrabati, Ghola Bazar, Sukchar, Dutta Bari & Railway Park. Nearby Sodepur Reborn Edition v4 is releasing on 1st August, 2018 and will be available on TSB Store and on Samsung Galaxy App Store. Uninstall, old Nearby Sodepur, and install the latest version, the version 4 reborn edition Nearby Sodepur as its something more interesting.

3) TSB Visitor Instant Safety Check with IP Detector
For peoples safety and for anti ransom, we have added IP Detector in our official website. Your public IP will be recorded in our database. Also you can see your current public IP at the end of our website. So that if something goes wrong in our website, the next day we can get directions to ransom destiny.

4) Weekly App Maintenance
All the Nearby Series apps will get a maintenance check once every week. To keep all the shops, outlets and everything else updated.

5) Nearby Series
In this world, we are the only one to make such unique apps for people out there. Nearby Series Project started on 1st August 2017 and its 1st anniversary, tomorrow. So we have planned to cover more areas in Kolkata.
Upcoming Areas as planned are, Dum Dum, Belgharia & Agarpara. Its just a plan and is not confirmed, weather we will cover these areas or not. It depends on how much response we receive from these areas. To respond, click here or visit We are accepting responses till 16th September, 2018

6) Play Games
The most easiest way to entertain yourself other than tech stuff and listening to music is, playing games, no matter offline or online. This is a brand new service we are launching this Indian Independence Day, 15th August, 2018. 20 games will be available to play online. Later this year, more will be added. Click here to visit TSB Play Games. You can enjoy the same on all PC and smart phone platforms. Its totally free of cost and there is no time limit. But make sure not to play more than an hour, as it can harm your body.

7) New movies on TSB Store
You might have seen already that we are working hard to provide you almost all the latest movies and short videos on TSB Store. Movies section is working great in TSB Store because people love everything in one place, ads free and also free from surveys. Also from today all movies will be shared as posts so that you can share with your friends and also on your social page.
Parmanu - Full HD : Will be available on TSB Store at 4 PM IST

8) SMS Notification (beta)
With social sharing, we can now send trending post notifications, upcoming releases, rating forms and more directly to your mobile. As of now its available only in India. You have to subscribe by sharing your name, email and mobile no. in a form shared below. After your no. gets confirmed from our end, you will receive a SMS on your registered mobile number. There after you will receive notifications by SMS. Unfortunately, this service is in beta and you may not receive SMS every time. We are working on it to make it a stable service.

Click here to subscribe for SMS Notifications, its free

9) TSB on Samsung Galaxy App Store
TSB Store is a only place where you will find all the apps, movies, videos, mods & lots more other stuff in one place. No other app store has such type of facilities. But we also thought about people's time. When ever you get a new android smart phone or get your phone formatted, you have to install all the apps first, so we decided why not to extend our app providers!! The Sayans Blog is now available on Samsung Galaxy App Store Officially, and all the apps developed by TSB will be available for download for free in it. All Samsung android users can take advantage of it. Just open Galaxy Apps available in your samsung phones app drawer and search for the TSB app you want to install. You can also rate our apps in galaxy apps. If you love our work do rate us 5 star and give a compliment. If something is wrong with our app, and you don't love, make sure to contact us by whatsapp at +91-8017-283-804 or email at