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Good Bye Shutdown Animation for Android - WP 8 Style

Windows Phone 8 Good Bye animation only works on samsung android devices (qmg format) & and on qmg animation phones. Don't try replacing media images boot animation zip. It may brick your phone. Please note that your phone must be rooted to make this work. To know how, simply follow the steps below.
Steps :
1) Download Good Bye Shutdown Animation from above Download button.
2) Install ES File Explorer. (Available on TSB Store)
3) Get root access.
4) Allow All permissions from root explorer
5) Copy the downloaded shutdown.qmg animation file.
6) Go to Program Files > System > Media
7) Delete shutdown.qmg and paste the download shutdown.qmg file.
8) Give permission to the file from properties as follows :
          Read > Owner, Group, Other
          Write > Owner
9) Remove all others checked permissions and press OK.
10) Restart

We are not responsible if anything goes wrong with your phone. If you follow the steps correctly, it will work perfectly.